We are a design studio that creates digital projects worldwide.


We are used to the digital market’s challenges.

  • Agencies and Consulting
  • Digital Products
Hey, we need a project ongoing by now 🤯 could you help us with 02 designers working on those tasks? 😬

VWe will have to create a squad allocated inside the client, but we are lacking on designers, and hiring takes too long 😴. Can you help us?
We got a lot of design tasks we need help with, but freelancers are a complicated matter... Should we partner up? 👏
We are reworking our product's experience focusing on results, data, users, etc... 👀 Need help with directions on this process.
Our product is a little all over the place, but we are growing up and wanted to create new features 🤑. Could you lend us a hand?
Help! Our team is too busy with daily tasks, and we can't think out our product strategically... 📲

We've already helped many partners and brands to solve their problems.

Arctooch, Brivia, Atlas, Futurebrand, IzyPlay, Mutant, Possible, Prodigious, Sapient AG2, Tellus, Tracylock, Wunderman, WF - White Factory
3M, Bayer, Bradesco, C&A, Café 35, Claro, Serasa, Siemens, Vivo, Volvo...
Arctooch, Brivia, Atlas, IzyPlay, Mutant, Possible, Prodigious, Sapient AG2, Tellus, Tracylock, Wunderman, WF - White Factory

Why going by yourself if we can go together?

Through seven years we have been intensively designing for over fifty brazilian and international brands, as well as partnering with remarkable agencies.

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We have our own 100% designers team.

We are not freelancers nor contractors. The team is made of Junior, Full and Senior designers ready to help.

And we offer our own equipment so you can focus on what matters.

Computers, smartphones and whatever it takes is up to us. You just think about what you need and we’ll do the rest.

We customize the ideal partnership for your project.

Whether it is a short job or a longer one, we can solve it.

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We think and execute projects of all types and sizes.

From the full strategy to a little help with a "button". We work on helping to measure, organize and design on all scales.

  • User Experience Design (UX/UI)
  • Design Systems and Style Guides
  • Concept Design
  • Motion for Display Media and Social Media
  • Product and Service Consulting

Scalability and efficiency inside our process.

We created a method to help technology teams to develop garupa’s design projects in a quicker and more assertive way.

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A customized work format for your needs.

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