Hi, we are garupa.

We are happy to have you.

We are multidisciplinary

We care about our clients, users and we understand the market needs to solve problems through design.

We believe in our team and in our partners to create remarkable projects.


Whether with our clients or with ourselves, we believe that honest and clear communication is the foundation of our growth.

Positive Vibes

We believe that a happy environment helps keep the workflow, enhance creativity and make the problem-solving moments easier.


We are curious, we research, we listen and we grow together because we know the market is always changing.


We welcome everyone with open arms and respect all opinions and diversity.

Our Associates

Lena Law Firm has been our partner for years and it gives us all the legal support we need.

Our daily routine is full of activities in many areas.

We are always connected to the community.

Our passion is always renewed when we have contact with learning institutes such as UFPel and IFSul, whether giving lectures, mentoring classes or sponsoring academic events. We also believe in bring together the ecosystem to strengthen and generate value to the community, giving support to events such as SWPel and PMI-RS Southern Branch and offering training courses alongside partners (Labyrinth).

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