Introducing Clay, garupa’s design system

This is our solution to make your projects development easier and faster. With Clay we solve inconsistency problems, we keep the project always organized even with shortened deadlines.

Quick set up

Because we know: time is money, right?

By using Clay, we save up countless hours of organization and replication of elements and focus on what really matters: solving your problems.

High customization

Our design system with your look and feel.

We adapt Clay to your interface’s needs: colors, typography and even shapes and buttons.


Clean design, clean code.

Clay is designed to make development easy. All design assets are ready for developers to use.

Platforms Ready

Empowering digital experience platforms.

Clay is structured on best componentization practices to facilitate pre-deployment on DXPs like Acquia and AEM (Adobe Experience Manager).

Large and robust, for every project.

Clay has hundreds of fully editable and adaptable components.

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